New Maui Listings for 06/25/2022
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MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396266 Residential: Waikapu   Mountain View$1,149,000 FS32Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 06/24/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396264 Commercial   Mountain/Ocean View$35,800,000 FS00Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
396254 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Golf Course View, Pool$1,150,000 FS12Kapalua
396257 Condo: The Ritz Carlton Residences   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$4,250,000 FS22Kapalua
396258 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$1,425,000 FS12Kapalua
396250 Condo: Wailuku Townhouses   Mountain/Ocean View$489,000 FS11Wailuku
396263 Condo: Hale Kamaole   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,100,000 FS22Kihei
396262 Residential: Keonekai HeightsSF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$2,250,000 FS43.5Kihei
396265 Residential: Keonekai HeightsSingle Family w/Att OhanaOcean View$1,799,000 FS43Kihei
396260 Residential: Kula KaiSingle Family w/Att OhanaOcean View, Pool$1,797,000 FS32Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
396251 Residential   Ocean View$799,000 FS21Pukalani
396255 Residential: Haliimaile   Mountain View$950,000 FS43Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
396256 Residential   Garden View$780,000 FS32Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
396259 Residential: Peahi Hui   Mountain/Ocean View$1,195,000 FS22Haiku
396261 Land: Waihee   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$18,490,000 FS00Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 06/23/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396239 Condo: Kihei Villages I   Garden View$665,000 FS21.5Kihei
396242 Condo: Napili Villas   Ocean View$785,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396244 Condo: Wailea Ekahi III   Mountain View, Pool$1,850,000 FS12Wailea/Makena
396249 Condo: Kihei Villages IV   $665,000 FS21.5Kihei
396240 Condo: Flats at Kamalani   Garden View$699,900 FS22Kihei
396236 Condo: Kahoma Village   $1,695,000 FS42.5Lahaina
396241 Residential: Kuhua Tract   $799,999 FS31Lahaina
396248 Residential   $695,000 FS21Lanai
396247 Residential   Garden View, Pool$1,440,000 FS32Kihei
396253 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$779,000 FS31Pukalani
396245 Residential: Waiakoa Kai Estates   Mountain/Ocean View$1,450,000 FS33Kihei
New Maui Listings for 06/22/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396243 Condo: Townhomes at Kamalani   Mountain View$829,000 FS32.5Kihei
396228 Condo: Walaka Maui   Ocean View$939,500 FS12Kihei
396234 Condo: Opukea at Lahaina   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$879,500 FS32Lahaina
396229 Condo: Hoolei   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,886,000 FS33.5Wailea/Makena
396230 Condo: Kai Malu   Golf Course View, Pool$2,175,000 FS32.5Wailea/Makena
396232 Residential   Ocean View$3,550,000 FS33.5Lahaina
396246 Residential   Mountain View$585,000 FS32Lanai
396224 Residential: Maui MeadowsSingle Family w/Att OhanaOcean View$3,850,000 FS33.5Maui Meadows
396231 Residential: Kihei Village   Mountain/Ocean View$1,495,000 FS32Kihei
396227 Residential   Mountain View$925,000 FS42Wailuku
396225 Residential   Ocean View, Pool$11,500,000 FS76Lahaina
New Maui Listings for 06/21/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396213 Condo: Maalaea Mermaid   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront$395,000 FS11Maalaea
396222 Condo: Paki Maui I II   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$795,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396217 Condo: Iao Parkside II   Garden View$458,000 FS11Wailuku
396215 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$480,000 LH01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396211 Condo: Kihei Villages V   Garden View$499,400 FS22Kihei
396221 Condo: Haleakala Shores   Mountain View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$885,000 FS22Kihei
396233 Residential   Mountain View$865,000 FS52Lanai
396212 Residential: Maui Lani Parkways   Golf Course View, Pool$1,375,000 FS32Kahului
396216 Residential: Waikapu   Garden View$859,000 FS32Wailuku
396220 Land: E Paepae Ka Pukoa   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,799,000 FS00Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
396214 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$75,000,000 FS00Hana
New Maui Listings for 06/20/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396219 Condo: Honokowai Palms   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$515,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396207 Condo: Lahaina Shores   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$825,000 FS01Lahaina
396201 Residential: Waiehu   Ocean View$1,219,000 FS32Wailuku
396197 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,495,000 FS21Haiku
396210 Residential   Ocean View, Pool$5,749,000 FS44.5Kapalua
396204 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$449,000 FS21Molokai
396195 Residential: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Ocean View, Pool$3,699,000 FS32.5Lahaina
396200 Residential: Wailea Kialoa   Ocean View$3,200,000 FS43Wailea/Makena
396205 Residential   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$12,950,000 FS53.5Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396203 Residential: Keonekai Heights (Pacific Terrace)   Ocean View, Pool$2,250,000 FS32.5Kihei
396199 Residential: Maunaleo at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$1,299,000 FS43Wailuku
396209 Residential: Keawakapu Views   Mountain/Ocean View$2,325,000 FS32Kihei
396226 Residential: Hale KilohanaSingle Family w/Att OhanaMountain/Ocean View$1,695,000 FS22Kihei
396196 Land: Pineapple Hill at Kapalua II   Ocean View$1,895,000 FS00Kapalua
396208 Land: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View$325,000 FS00Molokai
New Maui Listings for 06/19/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396194 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$825,000 FS32Pukalani
396192 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$289,000 FS11Molokai
396188 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana $650,000 FS31Wailuku
396193 Residential   Ocean View$1,199,000 FS43Wailuku
396198 Residential: Pineapple Hill at Kapalua II   Ocean View, Pool$5,295,000 FS44.5Kapalua
396190 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$118,000 FS00Molokai
New Maui Listings for 06/18/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396186 Residential: Kihei Village   Mountain View$1,295,000 FS32Kihei
New Maui Listings for 06/17/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396169 Condo: Maui Lani Terraces   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$550,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396182 Condo: Kuleana II   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$825,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396173 Condo: Hale Kanani   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$850,000 FS32Kihei
396184 Condo: Koa Resort   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,800,000 FS33Kihei
396181 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View$925,000 FS32Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396183 Condo: Wailea Ekolu   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$2,100,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
396171 Condo: Kahana Reef   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$885,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396178 Condo: Villas at Kenolio II   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$765,000 FS32Kihei
396191 Condo: Hale Napili Apts   BeachFront$429,000 FS01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396180 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,579,000 FS32.5Wailuku
396179 Residential: Upper Kapunakea   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,300,000 FS31Lahaina
396176 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,495,000 FS43.5Wailuku
396175 Residential: Wailea Pualani Estates   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$3,899,000 FS43.5Wailea/Makena
New Maui Listings for 06/16/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396165 Condo: Southpointe at Waiakoa   Garden View$675,000 FS22Kihei
396161 Condo: Ke Nani Kai   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$525,000 FS22Molokai
396172 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$899,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396168 Residential: Hale Piilani   $998,000 FS43Kihei
396167 Residential: Single Family w/Att OhanaMountain View$899,000 FS31Wailuku
396166 Residential: Kaimanu Estates   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$3,488,000 FS33.5Kihei
396162 Residential: Waikapu Gardens   Mountain View$1,147,000 FS43Wailuku
396160 Land   Ocean View$789,000 FS00Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 06/15/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396159 Commercial   Mountain View$3,411 FS00Kihei
396148 Condo: Hale Kamaole   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,249,900 FS22Kihei
396149 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$1,175,000 FS11.5Kapalua
396163 Condo: Coconut Grove   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$5,995,000 FS33Kapalua
396144 Condo: Maui Vista   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$629,000 FS11Kihei
396157 Condo: Lahaina Residential   Mountain View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$535,000 FS11Lahaina
396156 Condo: Hale Hui Kai   Ocean View, Pool$1,700,000 FS22Kihei
396141 Condo: Montage Residences Kapalua Bay   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$9,800,000 FS33.5Kapalua
396150 Condo: Makani Sands   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,239,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396146 Residential: Kapalani Estates   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,650,000 FS43Lahaina
396138 Residential: Malukaohu FarmsSF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$3,150,000 FS32Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
396153 Residential   $750,000 FS43Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
396142 Residential   Ocean View$1,800,000 FS32Hana
396139 Residential   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$7,995,000 FS44.5Wailea/Makena
396155 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,250,000 FS32Wailuku
396152 Land: Kula IO   Ocean View$1,700,000 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
New Maui Listings for 06/14/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396126 Condo: West Maui Trades   Across Street from Ocean$255,000 LH21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396128 Condo: Channel House   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$385,000 LH11Lahaina
396135 Condo: The Ritz Carlton Residences   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$2,990,000 FS22Kapalua
396136 Residential: Kula Manu   Mountain/Ocean View$1,975,000 FS44Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
396164 Residential: Keonekai Estates II   Ocean View$1,999,000 FS33Kihei
396147 Residential: Single Family w/Att OhanaMountain/Ocean View$1,402,000 FS22Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
396140 Residential: Na Hoku at Maui Lani   Mountain/Ocean View$1,040,000 FS42Kahului
396129 Residential: Waikapu Gardens   Mountain/Ocean View$999,500 FS32.5Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 06/13/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396120 Condo: Honua Kai - Konea   Mountain View, BeachFront, Pool$2,675,000 FS22Kaanapali
396117 Condo: Kulakane   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$600,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396185 Condo: Kaanapali Shores   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,100,000 FS11Kaanapali
396125 Condo: Maui Lani Terraces   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$459,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
396123 Residential   Mountain View$939,000 FS21Wailuku
396121 Residential   Garden View$1,200,000 FS41.5Haiku
396122 Residential: WaimahaihaiSF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$1,689,000 FS43.5Kihei
396116 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$3,245,000 FS43.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
396124 Residential   Mountain View$939,000 FS21Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 06/12/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396114 Condo: Wailea Palms   Ocean View, Pool$1,825,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
396115 Condo: Villas at Kenolio II   Garden View, Pool$780,000 FS32Kihei
396111 Residential: Kaunakakai   Mountain View$410,000 FS41Molokai
396112 Land: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View$356,000 FS00Molokai
New Maui Listings for 06/11/2022
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
396105 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,349,000 FS22Kihei
396108 Residential: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View$829,000 FS22Molokai
396106 Residential   Ocean View$1,115,000 FS22Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio