New Maui Listings for 10/20/2017
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MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
376006 Condo: Montage Residences Kapalua Bay   Garden View, BeachFront, Pool$3,250,000 FS33.5Kapalua
376007 Residential: Waiehu   Mountain/Ocean View$899,000 FS64Wailuku
376005 Residential   Ocean View$699,000 FS32Pukalani
376008 Residential: Moana Estates   Ocean View$1,250,000 FS32.5Kihei
376009 Residential   $505,000 FS21Kahului
376004 Residential: Kula 200 IISF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,226,000 FS22.5Pukalani
New Maui Listings for 10/19/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375988 Commercial   Mountain/Ocean View$3,200,000 FS00Pukalani
375984 Condo: Paki Maui III   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$470,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375983 Condo: Kapalua Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$899,000 FS12Kapalua
375982 Condo: Polynesian Shores   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$699,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375986 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   $525,000 FS32Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375993 Condo: Keonekai Villages   Mountain View$275,000 FS21Kihei
376003 Residential: Meadowlands   Mountain/Ocean View$695,000 FS32.5Kihei
375994 Residential: Pineapple Hill   Ocean View, Pool$3,520,000 FS44.5Kapalua
375989 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$779,000 FS32Haiku
375992 Residential: Makawao Ranch Acres   Ocean View$599,000 FS21Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
375995 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Garden View$999,900 FS83Kahului
375996 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Garden View$649,000 FS51.5Kahului
376001 Land   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$670,000 FS00Honokohau
375985 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$2,100,000 FS00Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
New Maui Listings for 10/18/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375997 Condo: Kaanapali Shores   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$329,999 FS01Kaanapali
375979 Condo: Iao Parkside I   Garden View$350,000 FS32Wailuku
375980 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   Garden View$505,000 FS32Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375978 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   Garden View$510,000 FS32Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
376002 Condo: Kehalani Gardens   Mountain View$449,900 FS32.5Wailuku
375981 Condo: Kaleialoha   OceanFront, Pool$299,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375974 Condo: Kihei Akahi   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$489,000 FS11Kihei
375977 Residential: Lanikeha   Ocean View, Pool$3,795,000 FS54Kaanapali
375998 Residential: Wailuku Heights   Mountain/Ocean View$800,000 FS53Wailuku
375976 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$649,000 FS32Pukalani
375969 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$998,000 FS43Pukalani
375971 Residential: Piilani Village   Garden View$600,000 FS32Kihei
375970 Land: Wailea Kialoa   Mountain/Ocean View$598,880 FS00Wailea/Makena
New Maui Listings for 10/17/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375957 Condo: Kalama Kai   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$489,000 FS32Kihei
375958 Condo: Kalama Kai   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$489,000 FS32Kihei
375962 Condo: Grand Champions   Garden View, Pool$569,900 FS12Wailea/Makena
375956 Condo: Kalama Kai   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$499,000 FS32Kihei
375967 Condo: Iao Gardens   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$305,000 FS22Wailuku
375968 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   Garden View$410,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
375960 Residential: Piilani Village   Mountain View, Pool$639,900 FS32Kihei
375955 Residential   Mountain View$859,000 FS23Hana
375954 Residential: Lanikeha   Ocean View, Pool$4,450,000 FS45.5Kaanapali
375965 Residential: Wailea Pualani Estates   Mountain View, Pool$2,450,000 FS44Wailea/Makena
375987 Residential: Pineapple Hill   Ocean View, Pool$3,495,000 FS43Kapalua
375966 Land: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Ocean View$2,995,000 FS00Lahaina
New Maui Listings for 10/16/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375990 Condo: Kihei Villages I   Mountain View$294,000 FS21.5Kihei
375946 Condo: Menehune Shores   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$985,000 FS32Kihei
375953 Condo: Wailuku Townhouses   Mountain/Ocean View$350,000 FS11Wailuku
375952 Condo: Hokulani Golf Villas   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,206,652 FS32.5Kihei
375944 Condo: Puuone Towers and Plaza   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$225,000 FS21.5Wailuku
375961 Condo: Terraces Manele Bay III   Ocean View, Pool$2,000,000 FS22.5Lanai
376011 Condo: Kihei Kai   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$425,000 FS11Kihei
375964 Residential: Piilani Village   Garden View$659,000 FS32Kihei
375945 Residential: Puamana Nui   Across Street from Ocean$799,000 FS21Lahaina
375999 Residential: Kaanapali Golf Estates   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,528,000 FS33.5Kaanapali
375951 Residential: Kaanapali Hillside   Ocean View$1,539,000 FS43.5Kaanapali
375942 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$699,000 FS31.5Kihei
375963 Land: Kawela Plantations   Ocean View$139,000 FS00Molokai
375975 Land: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View$159,000 FS00Molokai
New Maui Listings for 10/14/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375938 Condo: Wailea Fairway Villas   Ocean View, Pool$630,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
375936 Condo: Masters   Ocean View, Pool$889,000 FS22Kaanapali
375939 Residential   Mountain View$1,895,000 FS43Lanai
375940 Residential: Pineapple Hill   Ocean View, Pool$2,749,000 FS33.5Kapalua
New Maui Listings for 10/13/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
375922 Commercial   $497,000 FS00Kihei
375930 Condo: aina-nalu   Pool$460,000 FS22Lahaina
375937 Condo: Kapalua Bay Villas I   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,195,000 FS11Kapalua
375934 Condo: Kaanapali Alii   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$4,500,000 FS22Kaanapali
375943 Condo: Palms at Wailea I   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$969,000 FS12Wailea/Makena
375921 Residential: Spreckelsville   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront$6,000,000 FS43.5Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
375941 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,075,000 FS42Hana
375924 Residential: Olinda   Mountain/Ocean View$1,550,000 FS33.5Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
375935 Land   Across Street from Ocean$699,000 FS00Kihei